Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a useful platform for recruiters and job seekers.

How they can use LinkedIn to find freelance clients?

As a freelancer myself, I am very aware of the benefits of getting LinkedIn profile right. Many of the clients I have worked for initially found me via LinkedIn. …

Without effective marketing no-one thinks of any business success.

Without any good marketing plan, no chances of business success anyone can be assured.

Don’t be confused that failure of any business solely depends on failed marketing plan. Poor designed product with effective marketing plan can’t be guaranteed to succeed. …


Creating a newsletter can be difficult whether it is an employee newsletter for a company with 50 employees or a customer newsletter that has many subscribers. When people receive a newsletter, they will decide whether or not they want to read it within a matter of seconds, and a strong…

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You hear all the time how important it is to work on an email list. But not a lot of people know how to nurture your subscribers. It’s more than sending them one or two emails every single week.

If you are working in digital marketing technology, it’s your job…

When running a marketing campaign, where do you send your leads?

To your website homepage, or maybe to a subdomain?

If you’re not using dedicated lead capture pages, you’re not using the website for it’s purpose.

Homepage of any website the information hub, the center of your business — every…

As you become an expert, people will start following you. Make sure

you create a culture of validation and “small wins” to keep momentum in

your customers. You can do this with your support staff and community

managers. Create a celebratory culture of spotlighting the best people

who are doing awesome things!

In any movement, you’re going to have your shining stars. These are

the people who are buying your products, taking action, and getting

great results. They will become your biggest evangelists and help you

grow your tribe more and more.

It’s essential that you learn how to create a company culture that validates

these people.

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