Digital Marketing Hacks to Improve Your Worth

Adil Yousaf
4 min readMar 16, 2021

Remember, effective digital marketing can make or break a business.

Here are nine of the best ways to ensure yours is successful.

1. Do it Free

Doing something for nothing can go a long way in your marketing efforts. Remember, business is built upon relationships. It always has been, and always will be.

Go ahead and create awesome content, software, or tools. Then distribute it to anyone who’d find value in it. Then, and this is the key part, ask for nothing in return.

Likewise, offer freebies and giveaways to customers and so on.

The expenditure will pay for itself in terms of your market standing and potential to make future sales. For example, ads are more likely to be viewed and clicked upon.

By providing value to your customers and industry-peers, you can establish a positive reputation for yourself. You become trustworthy and reliable. Both are qualities that automatically boost your marketing efforts and attracts new business.

2. Brainstorm for Best

It means being the first thing people think about when they need something.

This is less of a hack than a goal to aim for and providing value for nothing in return is one way of doing it. Essentially, being top of mind makes you an industry authority.

You’re the go-to solution for the needs of a company or individual.

Not only can it lead to greater leads, but it’s helpful in your marketing strategy itself.

You’re an established company in your field. By virtue of your history of providing quality and value, you’ve built an audience that trusts you. They want to hear what you have to say.

That foundation puts you one step ahead when it comes to content creation.

You put something online and find people automatically want to consume it. They’ll share, link, comment, and subscribe. That’s awesome for your rankings and will help generate further business through enhancing your reach.

3. Mobile Friendly:

Here’s a technological hack, ensure that your website, and content in general, is fully optimized for mobile consumption.

Now, in an ideal world, it will be suited for all devices, but mobiles are of greatest importance. That’s predominantly because of Google’s “mobile-first” approach. Indeed, users now rely upon their smartphones above any other device for content.

Google has taken notice. To enhance the user experience, they want websites to make their content mobile-friendly. As an incentive, they’re prioritizing mobile-friendly content in search results.

4. Outsource Marketing:

You’ve got more jobs than time, we’ve all been there.

A time-saving marketing hack is to start outsourcing. A good rule of thumb for business is to only do what only you can do.

In essence, don’t waste your time doing something that anyone could do. Outsource anything that doesn’t require your particular expertise.

For example, content creation is a major drain on time. Meanwhile, countless quality writers, videographers, and so on are looking for work. Try enlisting their help.

5. Automate the Data Sharing:

Automation is essential to marketing success.

Doing everything for yourself takes time. Think of all those digital marketing skills we listed above. Who has time to learn, perfect and perform all of them at once?

These days, there are tools and bits of software to perform all sorts of different tasks. Look at your to-do list and automate anything that you can. Emails, social media posts, content scheduling, and so on can all be automated.

6. Use a Chat-bot:

These AI-fueled website pop-ups are essentially 21st-century customer support. They perform all the tasks of a customer support person by providing the answers to user questions and concerns.

They’re automatic, offer a uniform voice to your brand, and provide instant support to customer problems, 24 hours a day.

7. Rewrite Old Content

Content production takes time.

You can spend an entire day researching, writing (or recording), and publishing a high-quality post, etc. The distribution process thereafter can take even longer. Once created though, you have a valuable resource.

A mistake many people make is to leave it there. It remains a blog post, video, or podcast, and nothing else. Over time, it stagnates and slips to the bottom of the content pile on your website.

Rather than create something new, why not turn it into something new? Take that article and make a video of it, or vice versa. Transforming premade content saves time and opens the same valuable information up to new platforms and audiences.

Take the best information you can find on a subject. Then, compile it into a new, more in-depth and primary resource for others to use.

Invest in Digital Marketing

There you have it, some of the top digital marketing tips to improve your business.

Digital marketing is central to success these days. Billions of dollars are being invested into it every year. With such money being spent, it’s vital that every opportunity is taken to get the best ROI possible.

Hopefully, the information above will help you do just that.

Comment if you want add some more hacks here.



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